The ministry calling I tried to avoid

The ministry calling I tried to avoid

Stepping into the call of God on your life may need a nudge, says Dan Hudson (pictured above, inset) of Derby City Church.

Dan Hudson didn’t expect to become a pastor. In fact, he was actively avoiding it. With his dad, grandad and uncle all Elim ministers and a general expectation that he would follow suit, he was keen to do something different.

“I love sport, playing football and tennis, so I got into coaching instead,” he says.

“I also have a passion for young people, so began teaching in primary schools, running after-school clubs and teaching PE.”

By 2017, Dan and his wife Madeleine had joined Derby City Church and loved being part of the youth team there, so much so that pastor Dave Ayling offered Dan a part-time role as youth worker alongside his other work.

But a year later, Dan’s teaching work dried up and he found himself at a crossroads.

“I wasn’t sure what was happening, then Dave offered me the opportunity to explore wider work in the church.

“I started leading the youth work but also got involved in areas like pastoral care and working with older people.”

Through this, he began warming to the idea of ministry.

“Dave asked, ‘Do you feel like God’s calling you to ministry?’ but I asked, ‘What do you think?’ I needed him to give me a nudge."


Read the whole article in context in the February 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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