Self-destruct mode led to Israeli minefield

Self-destruct mode led to Israeli minefield

As Simon Williams (inset, above) drove across an Israeli minefield in a tractor with his drunken friends, he knew he was in self-destruct mode.

Drugs, drink, theft and fraud had become the norm.

“I was looking to relieve my inner pain and tranquilise myself from it, and cannabis gave me that temporary release,” he now realises. “This, I believe, was the start of me losing my moral compass, and slowly over a few years and with other drugs, my thinking became more distorted.”

So distorted, in fact, that alcohol, tractors and minefields even seemed a good mix. The group were caught by the authorities and beaten up. Simon vividly remembers their treatment.

“Pain shot through the length of my body as his kick connected with my ribs, while the cords binding my hands cut any blood supply to them, turning them blue.

“From a corner of the thick, oppressive blindfold, I could see just enough to identify my friends as they were subject to the same treatment and mercilessly tossed into the vehicle beside me.”

They were put on trial in Israel but, against all the odds, were released.


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