Pastor's rival 'He Gets Us' ad goes viral

Pastor's rival 'He Gets Us' ad goes viral

A pastor’s video response to the controversial “He Gets Us” Super Bowl ad has gone viral with an alternative message.

The original, minute-long advert was criticised by many high-profile Evangelicals for seeming to condone some sins over others.

It was played in an ad break during the Super Bowl and featured a slideshow of people washing the feet of others. It was billed as showing “the example that Jesus set while inviting all to explore his teachings so we can all follow his example of confounding, unconditional love.”

The images used caused a backlash amid the inclusion of a priest washing the feet of a homosexual and a young woman’s feet being cleansed outside an abortion clinic.

It featured the message: “Jesus didn’t teach hate. He washed feet. He gets us. All of us.”

Andrew Walker, ethics and public theology professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, posted on X that the ad communicated “the respectability of certain sins over others in our culture (although I’m not sure the ad even communicated that the respectable sins were sins at all).”

Now Jamie Bambrick (pictured above, inset, on photos of the alternative video) , associate pastor of Hope Church Craigavon in Northern Ireland, has posted a video which has more than two million views in the same style as the original ad.

It features the stories of believers whose strong testimonies show how they turned away from sinful lifestyles.


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