Leg-growth Chris is a walking miracle

Leg-growth Chris is a walking miracle

Years of pain was healed in an instant as God lengthened a believer’s leg by more than an inch.

Chris White (pictured above, after a six-mile walk), now aged 69, was diagnosed with Perthes disease at age 13.

The hip joint condition meant many months in hospital and excruciating treatments.

“I spent six months in traction in Carshalton Children’s Hospital with my bed tilted up and heavy weights attached to my legs,” said Chris. “I was told to lie as still as possible, which isn’t easy for a 13-year-old!

“After four months they operated on me, breaking my hip and putting a six-inch metal plate in my left leg. Then I spent six weeks in a half-body plaster. It was quite traumatic for a young lad.”

The operation left Chris with a significant limp and he developed curvature of the spine and endured continuous lower back pain, his left leg being more than an inch shorter than his right.

Later, an X-ray revealed Chris’s hip joint had become deformed and a hip replacement was needed.

“They extended my left leg by nearly an inch, but I still walked unevenly and had serious back pain.”

But, in February, a prayer for healing changed everything.


Read the whole story in the June 2024 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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