Jesus cured my agonising disease

Jesus cured my agonising disease

Jesus was Vani Marshall’s last hope.

A mysterious disease had baffled doctors in her native Malaysia, ravaging her with pain and causing her to randomly collapse, but nothing showed up on CAT scans. The doctors’ best guess was that Vani might have cancer in her brain.

Without a diagnosis, there was no cure, so they sent her away with pills to manage the pain.

With a full bottle of the pills in front of her, Vani (pictured above) considered downing the lot, ending the pain forever.

What other ‘solution’ was there, now that she’d prayed to her 3.3 million Hindu gods, and none had helped?

But on the day she planned to end her life, she was sitting in her room remembering how, years before, people had knocked on the door and given her a Christian tract. It would do no harm to ask Jesus for healing.

It was late at night, time to sleep, but she cried out: “Jesus!”

At first, nothing happened, so she continued: “I’m Hindu. I worship many gods.”

“Jesus!” she cried out again.

She lived on a street with no street lights, but suddenly a light appeared outside the house, reaching the room.

Then, a voice: “I am Jesus! I am God!”

The pain vanished.


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