I saw Jesus… in my kitchen

I saw Jesus… in my kitchen

A woman who returned to her childhood faith was reading the Bible, seeking Jesus – when he appeared in her kitchen.

Marion Estelle Brown, pictured above, was raised as a Christian, but rebelled in her early adult years against “conservative, legalistic teaching”.

She threw away her Bible and followed “14 years of scorn and unbelief”, telling Eternity News it ruined her relationships, causing sadness and confusion and prompting “a complete mental breakdown”.

She recalled: “It was terrible. I was so perplexed and despairing of life. Everything seemed faceless and empty.”

For 14 years, her father had been praying for her to refind faith.

“In my mid-30s, I reached out to God – the God I did not know. I decided to go back to church.

“My independent defiance utterly broke.

“The mercy of God in Christ staggered me. I just wept. Salvation was not up to me. Jesus died on my behalf and welcomed me into his beloved family.

“A hunger for more of God’s Word quickened in me. I got up early each morning to read my Bible and talk to God.”


Read the whole story in the May 2024 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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