I risked all to worship in secret

I risked all to worship in secret

A woman who had never heard of Jesus became a Christian in a country where believers are persecuted.

Venus (pictured above) grew up in the Philippines, where she shunned invitations to church because “there was a lot of rituals and worship of saints”.

A life of “drinking and smoking” and being “very rebellious” changed when her father died aged only 58, when she went to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia.

In the Muslim country, she had to cover her body, head and face when she went outside and struggled with loneliness.

But, despite widespread persecution in Saudi Arabia, which Open Doors ranked last year as the 13th worst in the world for Christians, Venus was approached by a believer.

“A co-worker at the hospital told me about Jesus Christ. I said I had never heard of Jesus,” Venus told eternitynews.com.au. “They were doing a Bible study, and asked me to come. I was very hesitant, and I made excuses.”

But her Christian colleague persisted.

“My co-worker gave me a Bible, and that was the moment.


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