Church planted in garden bears fruit

Church planted in garden bears fruit

When Stacy and Phil Gibbs felt God nudge them to start a church they began in their garden! Four years on and in a new high-street location, Overboard Church has plans to reach the town.

When Stacy and Phil Gibbs’ daughters told them church was boring, they knew they had a problem.

Having just followed God’s call to the seaside town of Mablethorpe they had visited a few churches but hadn’t found one to settle in.

That was when they heard God speak again: “If you can’t find it, build it!” he said.

So in early 2020, Stacy and Phil decided to start a house church. Straight away, their plans proved too modest.

“We were going to hold it in our dining room but we couldn’t fit everyone in so we moved to the garden,” Stacy begins.

“We had two families with six and four kids, then we had our own two kids.” Clearly the garden couldn’t be a long-term home, so Stacy and Phil quickly hired a hall and threw themselves into establishing Overboard Church.


Read the whole article in context in the April 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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