'Brain-dead' girl miracle stuns doctors

'Brain-dead' girl miracle stuns doctors

There seemed to be no hope for Taylor Hale, and her family prepared to say goodbye.

Six days before, the 14-year-old had been messing around at her high school in Iowa, in the US, sitting on the bonnet of her friend’s car to stop him leaving.

When he reversed, she was thrown off, hitting her head on the pavement.

Doctors told Taylor’s parents, Stacy and Chuck, her brain had sunk into her spinal canal and nothing could be done – she was brain-dead. It was time arrange to take her off life-support and discuss organ donation.

Jeff Stickel, a chiropractor friend of Taylor’s parents, visited the hospital, feeling that God was calling him to treat Taylor. Instead, he put his hands on her neck and prayed for God’s healing.

Later that afternoon, doctors turned off the life-support machine, but were shocked as Taylor gasped for a breath of her own.

They reconnected life-support. As the day went on, Taylor’s brain activity increased, her eyes fluttered and she made mumbling noises, trying to talk.


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