Astronaut's faith is out of this world

Astronaut's faith is out of this world

For a Christian astronaut, it was the day his profession and calling as a believer came together.

Barry Wilmore (pictured above on a space walk) was selected by NASA in 2000, telling Answers Magazine he wanted to use his love of astronomy “as a platform to share the message of God’s special creation and salvation offered through Jesus Christ”.

Cue Christmas Day, 2014. It’s a scene he shows footage of in his talks, when the planet, quite literally, aligned.

“When I was in space, I would wake up every day by 4.30am,” Wilmore said. “On Christmas, the Lord gave me a gift when we rotated right over Israel. 

“It was the clearest day ever as we flew over the Holy Land where the Lord lived and died for me.”

He added: “I’ve had the chance to experience leaving the planet. I believe in God’s sovereign plan and purpose, and it’s humbling he allows me to have this opportunity.”


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