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New Life Newspaper April 2018

New Life Newspaper April 2018

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Reach out to your friends and neighbours with New Life Newspaper Easter Special April 2018

In the New Life Newspaper Easter Special we are paying tribute to the great Billy Graham in the best way possible – by telling others about the gospel!

Copies are limited, so order early to avoid disappointment.

A taster from one of the pieces by Billy Graham himself:

THE VAST majority of the people around the world are looking to politics, science and education for the solution to life’s problems, and not to Jesus Christ. Why is this? What is happening?

I believe part of our dilemma is that we have preached a weak, watered-down Christ. We have preached a watered-down gospel. We have caused young people to doubt the authority of the Scriptures. We have given people a god of our own imagination. Christ has been robbed of his deity. The supernatural has been eliminated from our faith. We try to rationalise away the full deity of Christ, which includes his resurrection from the dead.

It was the resurrection of Christ that caused the disciples to go out as burning young revolutionaries to change the world of their day. They preached that Christ was alive. This should be our message, not only at Easter but every day of the year. The risen Christ wants to come into our hearts today.

The world today offers many saviours, but none of them saves to the uttermost. The world today offers many panaceas, but they cannot reach to the depths of our depravity. The world today offers many shortcuts to salvation, but to be truly saved we must be reconciled to God.

Give your life to Jesus Christ today. Receive him as your Lord and Saviour. And whatever personal problems you may have, and whatever great problems may face the world, you can find help, and you can make your contribution to this generation by making your commitment and your decision for Jesus Christ. Let his joy, his peace and his love dominate your life.

New Life Newspaper features incredible testimonies every month. The paper covers stories from the world of politics, entertainment, sport and everyday people.

Our features and interviews have been followed up by national news media in the UK – shaping the Christian news agenda around the world.

New Life Newspaper is perfect for a monthly dose of inspiration and insight

Our low cover price and subscription deals make New Life Newspaper the perfect publication for use in your church.

As we like to say…

Give your friends and family a New Life Newspaper Easter Special today!

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