Mission is for everyone!

Mission is for everyone!

Jesus didn’t ask us to simply learn about him, but asked us to pass on what we learn, encourages Jack Skett (pictured above, inset).

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I could never be a missionary’? I have definitely had that thought before.

I’ve looked at people who from a distance seem to be close to Jesus in a way that is utterly unobtainable for someone like me. I’ve heard stories of people sharing the gospel and starting ministries which made me immediately assume God could never use me in that way.

Over the years that attitude has shifted in me as I’ve followed Jesus and discovered more and more how he is wanting to use me, even though I may be lacking in so many areas.

If you were to speak to our missionaries or Global Partners about these things, they’re all likely to tell you the same thing: that what they are seeing God do is exactly that – God doing things. Each of us has the privilege of partnering with God in what he is doing in the world. He doesn’t have a minimum ability level for involvement in his mission. He doesn’t require us to have special knowledge or understanding.

When Jesus sent out the Twelve, I imagine that they felt the same sense of inadequacy as we often do. Based on when in the Gospels this takes place (Mark 6, Luke 9, Matthew 10), we can assume that it was fairly early on in Jesus’ ministry. Were the Twelve ready for such a big task? Had they had sufficient training? Did they understand everything that Jesus was teaching?


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