It’s time for the church to wake up

It’s time for the church to wake up

The world needs to see the church transfigured into the eternal, divine, powerful, majestic Body of Christ, explains Paul Hudson (inset, above).

I was in my first year at Bible college and had my student placement every Sunday in an old Welsh Chapel that seated 600 people. I went there each week with a team of three other students.

We boosted the congregation and, if it wasn’t raining, we would get ten people for the Sunday morning celebration! And most Sundays the Spirit would speak through the gift of tongues and interpretation!

The six members wouldn’t sit together; they were scattered throughout the ground floor, trusting God that he would send in not just people to fill the lower level but also the gallery too.

Revival was coming! However, they wouldn’t sit together pre-revival.

One lady rose and spoke in tongues. We waited, and another rose to give the interpretation.

But often the lady who gave the message in tongues didn’t feel that the interpretation was correct, so she would correct the interpretation with something like, “What the Lord meant to say is …”

I remember one particular Sunday morning when the lady with the first interpretation decided to counter the correction.

“Actually NO,” she said. “The Lord was correct the first time!”

This pantomime was part of my development as a Bible college student!


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