I’m hanging up my gown …

I’m hanging up my gown …

Dave Newton, pictured above, reflects on what he has learned after almost a decade as Principal of Regents Theological College.

It was on 5 January 2015 that I jumped into my car to embark on a 140-mile drive to Malvern.

No, it was not to fulfil a desire to walk the hills on a crisp winter morning, rather I was starting a new role in Elim as Director of Training and Principal of Regents Theological College.

As with most new jobs, feelings of uncertainty – what the demands of the role would require and how the new team might perceive me – all raced around my mind.

Fast-forward, as I complete nine years in post and hang up my metaphorical gown for the final time.

Looking back, I have some interesting reflections.

It’s not the events, graduations, project plans or strategic goals that occupy my mind as I look back, but rather a sea of faces.

People, individuals and groups who have impacted me and hopefully I have been able to impact and invest in.

Tutor group debates, ministers’ gatherings, lights going on in people’s minds, a greater resolve, resilience.

The robust interactions, honest conversations mixed with words of encouragement.

Behind all of this are great people whom God has called to serve his kingdom.


Read the whole article in context in the March 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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