God's love for you will never fail

God's love for you will never fail

When you begin to realise the truth that God loves you no matter what it will change you, explains Jem Chesman (inset, above).

Each February the world celebrates love on Valentine’s Day – a commercial dream which, last year, saw the UK spend more than £150 million and send more than 25 million cards.

When I was young, the pressure to receive a Valentine’s card felt real and so, to help relieve this pressure, my dad would always send me one.

In the card he would write, ‘You are loved, from a secret admirer’.

But why was it such a big deal to me? Why is Valentine’s Day such a big event? Why are people prepared to part with their hard-earned cash on this day? It’s because, ultimately, people need to know they are loved.

I saw this truth demonstrated one day when I went to collect my son from pre-school.

The teacher pulled me aside and said, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, and it’s really out of character, but your son was involved in a little scuffle over a toy. I’ve dealt with it, but I thought you should know.”

As we were walking home, I didn’t mention the conversation because I could see my son was sorry. However, I felt a tap on my leg as he looked up at me and asked, “Mummy, do you still love me?”


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