Answers to your faith-based questions

Answers to your faith-based questions

Rajinder Buxton, a member of the ministry team at Ryde Elim Church, Isle of Wight, tackles three Christian issues.

What did Jesus mean when he said that his followers would do greater works than he had?

Whilst on earth Jesus performed great signs, wonders and miracles – feeding the 5,000, raising the dead, healing people of all diseases, casting out demons, etc.

In the book of Acts the disciples performed many similar miracles as the Holy Spirit empowered them.

We also know that not every believer would have performed in a similar fashion.

The Holy Spirit endowed the disciples with different gifts as he saw fit (1 Corinthians 12:4).

Today, not every person has the same giftings, some are moving in miraculous power and others have gifts, equally important, though not in the limelight.

The ‘greater works’ Jesus referred to could mean the vast extent of the gospel work on earth after he ascended to heaven, that exploded quickly over the world by disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit, bringing great glory to the Father.


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