No-hit pitcher gives God the glory

No-hit pitcher gives God the glory

Major League Baseball pitcher Michael Lorenzen, pictured above, threw his team’s first ‘no-hitter’ in close to a decade, then credited God for the performance.

Lorenzen, now of the Philadelphia Phillies after being ‘traded’ in August by the Detroit Tigers, said his Christian faith prompted the no-hit, where all throws produce outs, walks or errors.

The 31-year-old told NBC Sports Philadelphia after the display against the Washington Nationals: “I had God’s grace today and I definitely got to thank God. I got to give him all the glory just to be able to keep me calm and trusting in him.

“Whatever happened, I was just going to trust in him and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing all season in trying to just lean on him.”

In a later interview, he continued the theme: “The only thing I can do is just step back and thank God for everything, literally everything that he’s done for me.”

It certainly backs up his Instagram bio that he’s “unashamed of the Gospel of Christ”.


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