Woman's prolapsed uterus was healed through prayer

Woman's prolapsed uterus was healed through prayer

Grace Ezewuzie is proof that God can still heal the sick today after a miracle happened at Elim’s Ealing Christian Centre. Ben Hampshire found out more about her healing.

When Grace Ezewuzie heard a healing testimony, she was struck with a hope that God might be able to cure her from a condition that had been hampering her for months.

Doctors had told Grace that she needed surgery but God stepped in to help

Doctors had told Grace her prolapsed uterus was in need of drastic surgery, but God stepped in and she believes she was miraculously healed in the name of Jesus.

“On the January 10, I came to the revival and healing service and I listened to a testimony of a man who testified about the healing he had received from a prolapsed disc,” says Grace, who attends Elim’s Ealing Christian Centre.

“He had had this condition for a year-and-a-half but at the previous healing meeting, the Lord healed him completely.

“He had brought along the large quantity of medication he had been taking to show everyone, which included the strongest of pain killers. Then he testified how he was healed instantly at the service and no longer had any pain.”

So touched was Grace by seeing God move in the revival meeting, she stepped forward in faith that she too could be set free from pain.

“This miracle touched me and my faith got hold of me instantly,” she recalls. “I knew at that moment I was next in line to receive the miracle of healing from God.”

Read the full story in the May 2016 issue of Direction Magazine


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