Radio couple to keep working for Jesus

Radio couple to keep working for Jesus

A couple who’ve been serving God since the 1960s say Jesus loves them so much that they’ll shun retirement to stay working for him.

Beryl and Norman Polden, both aged 79, have promoted the gospel at youth groups, on street missions and, more recently, through Flame Radio on Merseyside, a Christian station they established in 2000.

They have helped churches across England during a combined 130 years of service.

Beryl presents a popular Sunday morning programme, Prepared to Worship, on the Wirral-based station, and has no plans to take it easy.

“Jesus has been so good to us all our lives, so we couldn’t possibly tell him we’re going to start gardening or watch the TV more,” said Beryl.

“A Christian never retires. There is always something you can do. I have difficulty walking and getting out of the house, but that doesn’t mean I should just sit back.”



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