Love from my faith conquered torture

Love from my faith conquered torture

Watching a vivacious Iranian woman being interviewed in Israel for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), you would hardly believe she has endured torture and imprisonment for her faith.

But the face of Marziyeh Amirizadeh (pictured above) lights up with joy as her eyes glisten with the love she has experienced from Jesus.

Speaking with Chris Mitchell in Jerusalem, Marziyeh shared how blessed she was to be in the land of her Saviour, which was an answer to prayer. As the strict Muslim regime regards the Jewish state as a mortal enemy, it is not easy for Iranian citizens to gain visas.

Marziyeh has been forced into exile from her home country, which forbids conversion to Christianity. Her journey to faith began with a dream of a white horse, from which she felt overwhelming love. A friend then explained how it was symbolic of Jesus, who had died for her sins, and she soon gave her heart to him.

“The day that really changed my life,” she said, “I received the fire of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, I raised my hands and started worshipping God in other languages I had never learnt. I had a vision of Jesus in front of me in white clothes. I could experience his love and feel his presence all around me.”

There was no way she could keep quiet about it and so, with her best friend Maryam Rostampour, she shared the gospel with her people by distributing 20,000 Bibles in Tehran. They also started home-based churches, but were reported to the police, arrested and sent to jail, where they were threatened with execution by hanging if they didn’t recant.


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