Letitia Wright Gives Praise After Defending Remarks About Faith

Letitia Wright Gives Praise After Defending Remarks About Faith

Star gives God credit in media comment storm.

British Hollywood star actress Letitia Wright has hit out at media outlets who have edited out her comments glorifying God… insisting he will be praised and her faith will shine through.

Wright, best known by many for her leading role in the Marvel comics film ‘Black Panther’, is cheerfully challenging secular media outlets that are refusing to report her remarks giving God glory for her accomplishments.

In a post on Twitter, Wright said it was ‘super cute when journalists/interviewers for magazines leave out the massive part where I give God the glory for the success/achievements in my life. I still love you and God will still be praised’.

Several Twitter users cheered her on in reply tweets. Wright, who played the character ‘Shuri’ in ‘Black Panther’, said she’s also a fan of Kanye West’s new album, Jesus is King.

She posted: “First time in years I’ve been able to play a Kanye album and not have to switch it off due to the profanity!”

Wright became a Christian after attending a Bible study for London actors.

There’s no forcing anything in the kingdom.

Her role in the hit movie only came about after she chose to surrender everything to God, including giving up a job where she was going to appear alongside famous stars like Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman. She believed she had come to idolise her acting career.

She added: “I remember God was like, to me, ‘Give up the job.’ I can give you more than that; I just need you right now. Give up the job.”

It was only after she did so that she landed the ‘Black Panther’ role. She said: “If it’s God's will for you to have it, it will be yours. There’s no forcing anything in the kingdom. Let his will be done. That’s it. His grace is sufficient.

“I went on a journey to discover my relationship with God, and I became a Christian. It really just gave me so much love and light within myself. I felt secure, like I didn’t need validation from anyone else, or from getting a part.

“I pride myself on keeping it the same as when I came into acting, to not just change the lane and take everything just because it may have a big name or a big budget.

“Am I right for this part? Is this what I should be playing? If something feels off in my spirit, I know that’s God’s way of saying, ‘You shouldn’t do that.’”

This article was taken from the Spring 2020 issue of iBelieve Magazine.

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