How I became pastor to stars of Hollywood

How I became pastor to stars of Hollywood

Some of the biggest names on screen and in music call him their pastor, but Tim Storey stays humble about his A-list congregation. Ben Hampshire found out more

California pastor Tim Storey has become a life coach to the stars with his ministry enabling him to speak into the lives of major names, including rapper Kanye West and actor Charlie Sheen.

Storey, 54, is the pioneer of the Hollywood Bible Study that began in 1992 with 12 people and has grown to over 2,000 – but dealing with entertainers was not his original vision while he was a student at South Eastern University in Florida.

“My dream was to reach all people and so when I first started in ministry, I went on a lot of missions trips to Third World
countries,” he recalls.

“And I would do motivational speaking in places like South Africa, Nigeria and some of the tougher parts of the Philippines.”

Storey continued ministering in these countries well into his 20s before being asked by actress Dyan Cannon to do a Bible study in 1992.

“I didn’t realise that it was opening up a door to me that some 25 years later I would continue to walk through.”

Although Storey seeks to keep the names of those he is speaking to away from the spotlight, he has confirmed actors Charlton Heston, Robert Downey Jr, Sheen, businessman Vidal Sassoon and rapper West among those he mentors.

“There’s a side of Kanye that a lot of people don’t know that I do – how kind he is to people. What a strong woman of God his mother was, Donda West.”

Read the full interview with Tim Storey in the May 2016 issue of iBelieve

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