Evangelist Tommie Zito transforms Reading as 2,000 people become Christians in one MONTH

The U.S. preacher hit the streets... with some remarkable results

Almost 2,000 people have become Christians on the streets of Reading in less than a month!

Leaders of an outreach project, headed by US evangelist Tommie Zito, say that just over 1,900 people either became Christians or rededicated their lives to the faith during the early summer initiative.

Zito was at the Berkshire town’s Gate Church to deliver evangelism training when the extraordinary events began to happen on the streets.

The Gate’s pastor, Yinka Oyekan, told New Life: “We’re seeing an extraordinary response to the gospel and we’re getting the same kind of results as you’d normally get, but the Holy Spirit seems to have accelerated people’s willingness to respond, to pray on the streets. I’ve never seen anything like it in all the years of missions I’ve done.”

While reluctant to refer to use the word ‘revival’, Neville Hollands, from LifeSpring Church Reading, said the response has been ‘unprecedented’.

“I and others have been quite amazed with the openness of people to be talked to, to listen to what we’ve got to say and then to pray a prayer of commitment,” he said.

“I’ve been out and I’ve been amazed at how people are just prepared to stop and chat.” Rev Sam Owoo, from Tyndale Baptist Church, backed this up.

''It’s the openness that is surprising,” he said. “I’ve lived in Reading for two years but I didn’t expect the kind of openness and reception we’re getting. I haven’t come across anyone that has refused prayer yet.”

Revs Hollands and Owoo believe church unity and commitment to prayer have been extremely important factors in this outpouring.

“We’ve had a pastors’ prayer gathering for 19 years, once a week every week,” said Rev Hollands.

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