Demonic look and drugs ditched for Jesus

Demonic look and drugs ditched for Jesus

Rock star Alice Cooper has ditched the demonic-looking stage make-up and drug-binge lifestyle for Jesus and a new role, explaining:

“My job is to warn about Satan.”

The Devil is someone the iconic ‘School’s Out’ and ‘Elected’ singer knows all about, having descended into the depths of addiction. He was drunk nearly every day and using drugs heavily while at the height of a fame that made him the number one rock star in the world.

“Any drug addict will tell you, that drug becomes like oxygen,” said Cooper. “If you don’t have it, you will sell everything in your house to get it.

“You will always be trying to fill that hole with something. It is either going to be drugs, or it’s going to be Ferraris, or it’s going to be houses, or wives, or fame. And you’re never going to achieve it.”


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