Remember bigger picture of God’s Kingdom

Remember bigger picture of God’s Kingdom

Regents Acting Principal Peter Read (inset, above) recalls the day he learned a tough lesson as a church leader.

I get saddened and frustrated when people ask me, “When did God call you into the ministry?” I ‘gained credentials’ as a Pentecostal pastor almost 40 years ago (OK, ‘got ordained’, if you like!) and I know that’s usually what people mean when they ask the question. But I find this terminology and language unhelpful for two main reasons.

Firstly, it restricts ‘the ministry’ to what pastors, church leaders and preachers do, resulting in many Jesus-followers believing they are not involved in ministry.

So, despite the fact that Ephesians 4:12 says that all God’s people are to be equipped and involved in ministry, many people end up being spectators of ministry rather than participants.

Secondly, and perhaps even worse, is when people are involved in ministry and we just don’t recognise it.

Around ten years ago, I was leading Worcester Elim Church. On several Sundays I spotted that one of our ladies didn’t arrive until after 11am. I went to Julie and asked if she realised that our service started at 10.30am.

“Oh yes,” she said. “I was determined to get to church, but I didn’t get in from work until 4am this morning, which is why I was late.”


Read the whole article in context in the May 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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