The workplace offers a chance to make disciples for Jesus.

Make your workdays count

Work is not just some place for us to kill time while getting paid, says Liam Husband.

It was the great Muhammed Ali who said, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” That reminds me of a job I once had with Colman’s Mustard.

Every break without fail the workers would talk about holidays and retirement whilst calculating just how many days were left until they could walk away.

Some of them had walked straight into the factory from school.

Probably the only thing that had changed in 30 years of service would have been the labels! Whatever it is we do, we can’t escape the fact that we spend most of our adult lives at work.

We must also realise that work is not just some place for us to kill time whilst getting paid – it’s where Jesus commissions us to ‘go into all the world and make disciples’ (Matt 28:19).

How would we approach our everyday work if we grasped that Jesus authorises us to act on his behalf to fulfil our calling as his witnesses? Our workplace gives us the perfect opportunity to be salt and light.

This isn’t a command to run full throttle into the canteen with your sandwich boards hanging around your neck.

It’s the invitation for us to nurture deep relationships and reflect Jesus.

Anything we do in the workplace has to start from a place of relationship.

It’s not about grabbing the first moment to bombard a work colleague with the gospel.


Read the whole article in context in the June 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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