God is calling us to be bold

God is calling us to be bold

Have you received the power of the Holy Spirit? asks Eric Gaudion (pictured, inset, above).

If there was one clear sign that the first followers of Jesus had been filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, it was their boldness.

There were others, of course, from the sound of a rushing wind, through flames of fire touching heads, to people speaking in tongues.

But one feature of Spirit-filled life that is reported often in the book of Acts was this: boldness. Courage converted into action.

Prior to their baptism in the Holy Spirit, the believing community had been marked by fear.

Their precious leader and Lord had been brutally murdered before their eyes, and although his resurrection had impacted them powerfully, they gathered in small groups behind locked doors due to their fear of the Jewish leaders (John 20:19).

But after their wonderful Pentecostal experience, it seems that nothing could keep them down.

In Acts 4 their boldness impacted even the Sanhedrin Council of whom they had previously been so afraid.

This kind of boldness, however, is not brashness. Spiritually bold people can still read the room, realise when folk are in need of a tender touch and respond accordingly.


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