Coach others as the Holy Spirit coaches you

Coach others as the Holy Spirit coaches you

MPower team members Mark Lyndon-Jones (pictured above, inset left) and Roy McEwen (right) discuss coaching, one of MPower’s core principles.

Would you agree God is the blueprint for life; he is the manual because he is the Creator of all things, right? He knows what each of us can do by ourselves and what we can do through him.

Therefore, who better to be coached by than the Holy Spirit? And who better to enable us to coach others than the Holy Spirit? As certified coaches would tell you, the best coaching sessions are where it doesn’t feel like coaching. So let the Holy Spirit do his work for others through you coaching them.

If your work life is anything like mine, it’s a never-ending journey of solving problems, dealing with different processes and people-issues.

Many hate problems, but I actually love them. Problems are significant opportunities for Holy Spirit-coaching. Remember, the Holy Spirit can solve problems of anyone’s making, to make a way where there is no way (Isaiah 43:19).

I’ve begun allowing the Holy Spirit to coach through me. When you coach through Holy Spirit revelation, you receive and share ‘spiritual application’ for real-life experiences. It’s awesome – you can coach anyone, anytime, irrespective of their role.


Read the whole article in context in the December 2023 issue of Direction Magazine.

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