The voice that saved my life

The voice that saved my life

The love of the Christians had changed everything for Islamist extremist Kamal Saleem (pictured above) – so he reached for one of his guns, to kill himself.

He was stopped by a voice: “Kamal, why don’t you call on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?”

An already confusing situation was suddenly even more complex. Kamal thought the sword of Allah might fall on him for his “blasphemous” thoughts.

He fell to his knees.

“God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if you are real, will you speak to me?” he prayed. “If you are real, I want to know you.”

A power filled the room. There was another voice.

“I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I am everything in between. I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Rise up, Kamal. You are my warrior. You are not their warrior.”

Kamal did rise, noticing something miraculous: the car-crash injuries which had led him to those loving Christians had vanished. Instantly, his head, neck, collarbone, ribs and knees were healed.

He surrendered his life to Jesus. His life to that point made that decision another miracle.


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