Tara: new Bible focus revealed God

Tara: new Bible focus revealed God

A Christian podcast host has encouraged believers to read the whole Bible after the experience transformed her faith.

Tara Leigh Cobble (pictured above), host of The Bible Recap podcast, revealed her apathy about reading God’s word until she was urged to read the entire book by a pastor.

Doing so was revelatory, she told CBN News. “I fell in love with God through this conduit of his words.

“So, something that I always knew and admired and respected and knew was true, I then fell in love with.”

Cobble admitted her first cover-to-cover readthrough was a struggle, until the same pastor encouraged her to try again but with a different focus. She realised her need to “read the Bible in light of who God is rather than just what he could give”.

So, she tried again.

“I was looking for the character and the person of God instead of my to-do list, my takeaway, my action step, my application points.

“The Bible isn’t about me; it’s for me. It’s not about me; it’s about God. It’s about who he is.”


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