Roumie: “Try to find Christ in characters”

Roumie: “Try to find Christ in characters”

Christian actor Jonathan Roumie has called for understanding about the complexity of the profession and the roles actors take.

Roumie, pictured above, told Movieguide: “We have to remember as actors not to judge the characters we play. If you feel like he’s a bad guy, I try to find the good. I try to find Christ in all of these characters.

“Finding Christ in those characters as you would in any other human being is what allows a character that maybe might behave distastefully in certain scenes to at least give you something that you can work with and find a redemption for.

“Try to find the arc where Jesus is within, with whatever characters that are flawed. 

“Some people would have been like ‘how can you take a role with a heroin addict, you’re playing Jesus?’ So what? You think Jesus doesn’t minister to heroin addicts? Of course he does. There’s Jesus, in the mix of the grittiest and grimiest of characters – he’s always there.”

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