My faith is part of who I am

My faith is part of who I am

Diane Louise Jordan is the go-to girl if you’ve got a shindig that needs a presenter with class, enthusiasm and quality.

It’s little wonder, then, that Christianity’s answer to the X Factor – Time2Shine – has recruited her considerable talents

She’s the hostess with the mostess, a regular on Songs of Praise, as well as the star of her own Radio 2 programme, The Sunday Hour. That said, Diane Louise Jordan is pretty down to earth.

How did you come to faith?
I came from a Christian family… You know, I actually always find that a very interesting question, because my faith is just a part of my life. I’m very grateful that I was brought up in a Christian family, even though I think I took it for granted when I was younger. When I was younger, everyone went to church, particularly if you came from a Caribbean family, but I think that for me, faith informs everything that I do. I can’t imagine living my life without that framework.


How do you take your faith to work?
I don’t really ever think like that. It’s sort of like someone saying to me: “How do you take being a girl, or being black into the workplace.” Well, I don’t know anything else. This is who I am, and part of what makes me who I am is my value system and my beliefs. I’m quite clear about this. People know what they get when they get me – I don’t hide anything about me in that sense.

I think that if you’re authentic to yourself – if you’re honestly yourself – that’s attractive. People are always looking for integrity. I think people can always spot when we’re trying to be something we’re not, and I think that is what can be unattractive to people.

If you’re genuinely who you are, and if you genuinely hold the values that are important to you, and at the same time, you show a grace and respect to other people, then I don’t see that there’s ever any sort of conflict.

There are definitely things that I won’t do because of my faith, and there are things I do primarily motivated by my faith. In the workplace, I would say that when I make decisions, I make decisions based on that value structure, regardless. I don’t think that I would accept a compromise of what I believe in, even if it was a way forward, a step on the ladder as it were. I wouldn’t compromise my beliefs to progress at work no matter how impressive the opportunity might seem.

I believe that we are all on this earth for a purpose. I believe that we all have a birthright, and I also believe that we don’t need to compromise in order to pursue our birthright. Part of my birthright may be that I’m in TV for a while, or forever! I don’t know! I can’t compromise what I believe I’ve been put on this earth to do in order to stay on TV.

While I believe everybody is on this earth for a purpose, we all have a part to play. We all have different parts, and if we choose not to compromise, we stand a better chance of living that great life that we were designed for.

I never see a conflict anywhere, because I just believe that if I’m meant to be doing something it will happen, and if I’m not meant to be doing something, it won’t, providing I stay vigilant about what God’s got for me.

What motivates you to do the charity work and people-focused things that you do?
I know that people say that I’m busy, but I just think that I’ve got lots of things that I’m interested in. Funnily enough, I don’t really advocate busyness! I think we as a culture equate success with busyness. Actually, when you look at what Jesus modelled, he was very intentional about what he did, but he wasn’t always busy.

He had time – he made time to spend time with God praying. He was intentional about being relational with his close friends, having meals. Every now and again, he’d go out to preach and do some amazing miracles! For me, that’s the model.

For me, there are things that I’m really interested in. It’s not just that I want to do charity work per se, but I think there’s work to do. Whether that’s with a charitable organisation or any other organisation, if that work reflects where my heart is, then I’ll do it. The thing that gets me out of bed every morning is that I seriously believe that every single human being is amazing, and we’re all made for a purpose and we’re all beautiful. I would love to be a part of that movement of people who are constantly living a full life. I want to be a part of anybody’s project that is facilitating aiding people to be the best they can be.


What excites you about the Time2Shine project?
Basically, the mastermind behind all of this sent me a random e-mail late last year, just to ask if I’d be interested. Although this is the third series, I hadn’t actually heard of Time2Shine. But as soon as I got the e-mail, I thought: “What a fantastic idea!” I’m a fan of programmes like X Factor and The Voice and I also know that there are some amazing gospel singers that I’ve met on my travels who could really give the contestants on those other shows a run for their money.

I always used to wonder: “Why aren’t they featuring on X-Factor?” When they approached me with the idea, I just thought: “Oh gosh, this is fantastic. What a brilliant opportunity for all those amazing gospel singers who I’ve seen in all those various places.” This is a great forum for them.

Would you ever consider swapping hosting for singing on the show?
I love music! I’m married to a musician, a magnificent, genius violinist called Giles Broadbent – he’s an amazing guy! My whole family is musical, and being part of Time2Shine and Songs of Praise as well as presenting The Sunday Hour every week on BBC Radio 2, I get to hear the most incredible range of talented musicians. So, I really appreciate great music... I also know that God didn’t gift me that way!

One of the things he seemed to miss out was providing me with a singing voice! I don’t think you’ll ever hear me singing anywhere apart from in the bath at home!

What’s your favourite thing about being a Christian?
I’m just glad I’m me. With all my imperfections, I’m still glad that God made me the way he did. I think that at our core, what every one of us desires is to be known and loved. And I feel very privileged believing that God both knows and loves me.

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