Miracle man was dead for an hour

Miracle man was dead for an hour

It's a simple Instagram post that hides a miracle: “Abby and I both graduated from Christian High School!”

Big deal, you might think. But John Smith, the man in the photo with his wife and young son (above), died seven years earlier.

And, in a recovery doctors still can’t explain, his 60 minutes without a pulse left him with no side effects.

Cue Hollywood, and the film Breakthrough, which captures the should-have-been tragedy.

Marcel Ruiz stars as John and Chrissy Metz plays his mum, Joyce, who was praying over him when his heart restarted after an hour. They were the prayers of a desperate, grieving mum with one last hope.

“After I entered his room, I put my hands on his feet, and they were cold and grey, and I just knew he was gone,” Joyce told The Gospel Herald. “I began praying out loud, begging God for my son’s life, and calling on the Holy Spirit, saying, ‘Please give me back my son.’”


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