Kathie's light shines in 'godless' Hollywood

Kathie's light shines in 'godless' Hollywood

For acclaimed TV host, singer, actress and author Kathie Lee Gifford, it’s all about who she is, not where she is.

The former NBC host of the Today show in the US rails against the notion of Hollywood being a “godless place”, becoming more determined to be “a light in the darkness”.

Gifford, 70, (pictured above, inset) told the Whoa That’s Good Podcast: “People try to say Hollywood is secular … there is such a godless world there. But God is everywhere.

“There might be people that don’t know God and don’t know that he loves. But there is no godless place on this planet. There’s no godless place in this cosmos and all of creation. God, the Creator, is everywhere.”

That includes Hollywood, the four-time Emmy winner stressed.

“Ever since I entered this industry in a full-time way when I was 17, the Lord was very, very clear with me and he said: ‘Never separate the secular from the spiritual. You live in my world’.”

She added: “I knew every time I walked on a set, a recording studio or a stage, or a Baptist church, or Israel or whatever – it was God’s world. And I got the privilege of being in it and walking in it with Yeshua, Jesus."


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