Jesus gets animated in new film version

Jesus gets animated in new film version

A new, animated version of the world-famous Jesus film is being planned for 2025.

The Jesus Film Project, formed after the 1979 launch of the movie described as the most watched of all time, has announced its plans to reach “a new generation through cutting-edge technology”.

They’re describing it as “a spectacular remake” (a concept image from the new film is pictured above) of the 1979 version – based on the Gospel of Luke – which has a Guinness world record as the most translated film ever.

A production team with credits including Pixar, Disney and Star Wars will oversee “unparalleled visual effects and computer graphics”.

Director Dominic Carola said: “We are working towards presenting the true story of Jesus beautifully animated and making his story more accessible to the world.

“Leaning into a classic artistic approach, we’re combining that with groundbreaking digital innovations to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally resonant portrayal of Jesus’ life like never before.

The 1979 film, financed primarily by Campus Crusade for Christ with a budget of $6 million, is credited with prompting tens of millions across the world to follow Christ.


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