Is headset church a virtual reality?

Is headset church a virtual reality?

With explosive growth in the number of virtual reality gatherings it’s time to ask how church can work in the metaverse. We watched an Elim Digital Debate to find out.

Where might you find a goose preaching in a tuxedo? Or Hulk Hogan worshipping? Or Tony the Tiger attending a life group? At Cornerstone Church of Yuba City’s metaverse church.

Cornerstone, in California, is one of a rapidly growing number of churches hosting thriving virtual reality congregations.

Behind these imaginative avatars and VR headsets are communities uniting to worship, discuss faith and experience church in the metaverse. This world operates as the gaming community has for many years.

Users don their headsets, digital glasses and other devices and enter 360-degree virtual church environments.

Services run like their physical counterparts, with worship, preaching, communion, altar calls, baptisms and fellowship time.

Pastors and members cite many advantages, including VR church’s ability to attract people who wouldn’t or couldn’t attend physical church.

“I had a heart attack and couldn’t make it back to church. It was too difficult to walk,” says Thomas McFerrin, who helps lead Cornerstone’s virtual church.

“Church in the metaverse means everything to me. It gives me purpose.”


Read the whole article in context in the June 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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