Helping people from all nations serve God

Helping people from all nations serve God

Through her ministry organisation World Mandate Ministries, Elaine Roberts has spent the past 23 years preaching the gospel and equipping students for ministry through Every Nation Bible School UK. Now, a season of rapid expansion has created many new opportunities.

"Sometimes it’s only when we stop and think about what we’re doing that we recognise the enormity of the scale of the work the Lord has called us to,” says Elaine.

She and Selina Forde – the Associate Principal and Principal respectively of Every Nations Bible School UK (formerly Ministry Equipping School) – are reflecting on a season of significant expansion at their 23-year-old college.

Elaine explains that ENBS UK has spent the past few years growing its offering from one original course to 16 – all the while maintaining its vision of providing theological training twinned with practical application, enabling believers from all nations to serve in their God-given giftings and ministries.

“We’ve added several courses in the past year in particular,” she says.

“We now have a Practical Apologetics course, where students put what they learn into practice by going out and encountering people of the different faiths they’ve been taught about,” says Elaine.

“The cutting edge part of this course is that it’s not just getting facts into their heads but allowing them to experience how it works in reality.”

And the college has also branched into new territory with the launch of ENBS Youth. Where historically ENBS has been a college for adults, it ran its first kids’ summer school last August to deliver a fun-packed curriculum to prepare and empower children and young people to defend their faith.


Read the whole article in context in the February 2024 issue of Direction Magazine.

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