From "veneer" to vicar for beauty therapist

From "veneer" to vicar for beauty therapist

Kaye Gardiner had what looked like the perfect life, with a pristine house, flashy cars and horse shows.

But when the front door shut on that shiny house, she retreated inside to a depressed, heavy-drinking husband and an internal void.

“Everyone would drive past our immaculate house and think our lives were perfect,” Kaye told Woman Alive. “But I always felt this emptiness; I never had any peace or contentment. I felt lonely despite my husband and lovely kids.

“I never told anyone what was going on. We had an our-life-is-perfect veneer.”

It was another facet of that ‘perfect’ life – exotic holidays – that began the change in Kaye, but in an unexpected way as she enjoyed the luxuries of a Jamaican resort. Suddenly, she was struck by the contrast between the holiday setting and the poverty on the island.

“I asked a waitress about life on the island. She told me that Jesus was the most important thing in her life. She said she worked six days a week but needed Sundays off to worship God. Jesus was literally shining out of her eyes. I knew instantly the peace she had was what I needed.”


Read the whole story in the February 2024 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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