Former Neighbours star Mark Stevens battled hard drugs... but was saved by Christ

Former Neighbours star Mark Stevens battled hard drugs... but was saved by Christ

Mark Stevens catapulted to stardom in Australia and even had a role in hit soap Neighbours.

But drug addiction saw his life spiral out of control until the Holy Spirit visited him in a girl’s bedroom in London

Gifted Mark Stevens grew up in remote Tasmania yearning for fame – but little did he know the dream would turn into a nightmare. That is until, one day, God stepped in to save his life.

“I always had a real affinity and attachment to music, from a very, very young age,” Marks tells iBelieve.

“I was singing and caught up in that whole world or performing and there used to be a programme on Australia television called ‘Young Talent Time’. It was a variety show that I watched as a kid and always dreamed of being on the show myself. I grew up in Tasmania so it was very isolated; I had a great childhood, but God was never on the table.

“Music was what I was all about. I had a sheltered little life, but that would all change. I wrote a song at 12 years old, placed it in a talent quest and actually won the competition.”

Mark Soon became a household name in Australia - landing a leading role as Nick Page on Neighbours alongside Kylie Minogue.

But by age 19 Mark's life had spiralled out of control and he was soon taking Class A drugs.

“Soon after that I started dabbling in drugs a lot more. Ecstasy was around then... I was buying bags of 20-30 pills, and offering them as party treats. I wasn’t just buying one gram of cocaine, I was buying 10g at a time; everything was becoming excess. By the time I was 26 I was on heroin and was really at the end of my path.”

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