Drug-addict dealer transformed

Drug-addict dealer transformed

It was a simple offer of prayer, but as Barry Woodward (pictured above) went to the front of the church meeting, his life was about to be transformed.

Years of heroin addiction, drug dealing, prison and amphetamine psychosis had taken their toll, but various events seemed to be leading him there.

There had been the friendly man on the bus he’d bumped into again who’d just come from the church, then the stranger he’d asked for directions who was a member and took him there. When he arrived, even the “Hallelujah” from behind was from his new psychiatrist, who was a church elder.

At the end of the meeting, the preacher asked people to step forward if they needed prayer. Boy, did Barry need it …

“If you’d been in that church that morning, you’d have seen my state when I walked in,” said Barry.

“I’d been caught up in addiction for 15 years; I’d suffered from amphetamine psychosis for nine years; I’d been a drug dealer; I’d been in prison; I’d lived in hostels.

“However, that morning, after being prayed for, everything changed!"


Read the whole story in the April 2024 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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