Anne Beverley the TikTok vicar

Anne Beverley the TikTok vicar

A vicar has become a TikTok sensation after her videos for local teens went viral.

Rev Anne Beverley, of Christ Church in Wesham, near Blackpool, began posting occasional videos on the social media channel early last year.

But after one attracted more than two million views she decided to get serious.

Now, she posts five times a week to an audience of 45,000, with her snappy videos watched by up to three million people around the world.

“I take videos everyone else is doing and put a Christian spin on them. We were just putting our toes in the water, but God exploded it in an awesome way,” she said.

Anne said she felt God nudge her to allow comments and describes the result as ‘phenomenal’. The majority who follow us aren’t Christians, yet we get comments like ‘I don’t believe in anything but what you’ve just said brought me hope’.”

And when Anne posted asking if people wanted prayer, she received 1,000 requests.

“Ministry through TikTok is popular because TikTok is popular,” she said.

“Millions of people are watching it and then a video comes up saying ‘Jesus loves you’.

“I don’t always like social media. But if I want to preach the gospel afresh in this new generation, that’s where I’ve got to be.”

From New Life Newspaper issue 321.

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